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Kulus HeadpieceMany people like to purchase their First Nations art directly from the artists. This allows one to be able to have more of a personal connection to what they are buying, for now they have met the person who created that particular piece of artwork. One is also able to look at an artist’s work and discuss the creation of a piece that is exactly to the specifications you want. Nowadays with the Internet, even an aboriginal artist in an isolated community can communicate directly with you about a particular piece you may desire. Seeing as some pieces can be very time consuming to create and expensive, it may be in your best interests to consult directly with the artist?

Tom Sewid working on Killer Whale Screen Seeing as I am an artist to some extent, I have worked with people on numerous occasions to design and create exactly what a person wanted. I have found that this type of interaction allows for one to be very satisfied with the end product. It’s also why I have recruited numerous artists from throughout the country that work in many different mediums to post their website banners on this web site. Hopefully you shall find the right person to create that particular piece that you require, want or desire?

Hunt canoe and paddlesIt’s also good to keep in mind that all First Nations groups of Canada are like separate country's in a sense. The raven for example may seem like a generic icon of aboriginal lore, but every aboriginal group has a different view about its’ position within their culture and heritage. On the west coast of Canada one group may look at the raven as a symbol representing the trickster, while another group has a social grouping referred to as a Raven Clan. This is why it’s a good idea to speak to the artist about the meaning of a particular image or design.

Placeholder for picture of Inuit Art There is a vast array of different styles of aboriginal art in many different mediums that can be found throughout Canada. In the north one can find soapstone carvings depicting many facets of the Inuit way of life, right through to work done in bone, ivory, canvas, or metal. Many years the Inuit carvings have been sought after by explorers and collectors. In these modern times, many of the artists can be found throughout numerous southern Canadian cities, or they still live in their traditional lands, but have websites to reach perspective clients throughout the world. We are continually trying to recruit these artists to this site, so that you can purchase direct from these Inuit artists/Northern Aboriginal artists.

Captain Tom SewidEast of the Rocky Mountains and throughout the great plains of Canada, the numerous aboriginal tribes have art that far differs from what you would find on the coasts of our country. Yes you will see feathers, beads and hide, but also a wide variety of other forms of their traditional art in many different mediums. So vastly varied is their art in color that one feels as though it’s reminiscent of the spectacle of nature’s pallet that is painted across the plains and through the northern forests in all four seasons. If you are looking for something that depicts the plains way of life in art, then be sure to review the artists I have recruited that hopefully one shall be able to create something that you are seeking?

Norval MorrisseauIf one mentions the east of Canada and aboriginal artists, one usually thinks of art by the great Norval Morrisseau. Norval is of the Ojibwa First Nation, and his work has been the inspirational foundation for many artists of many different tribes across Canada. His work shall be eternal, but please don’t let it take emphasis away from the thousands of other great aboriginal artists' that have come from the same geographical region of this great artist, and the others that are yet to come. Do keep in mind that when I refer to the east, I mean from the forest lands at the edge of the great plains, right across the rest of the country to the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. I am not from the far east of our country, but it does not mean that I shall not seek out and recruit numerous artists from this region for you, so that I can ease the way that you can communicate directly with them for your art desires.

Cedar Totem PolesThunderbird Totem PoleIf you are in need of a totem pole, do remember that I have lived out here on Vancouver Island all my life, and I either know or am related to some of the greatest totem pole carvers our world has to offer. I may be Kwakwaka’wakw, but I have lived in Haida Gwaii and chatted with Haida carvers that are now my friends, so no matter who it may be or what style you require, I can direct you to the best.

There are about a dozen different tribal groups that live on the west coast where the rainforests are found. Each has a distinct style, yet a totally different belief in regards to the crests they use on their totem poles. This is why it’s very important to communicate directly with the artist prior to having something as grand as a totem pole carved. One must also remember that crests are owned by certain family’s or clans, so just making a pole based on what one likes is not generally condoned by our people, for all poles are story boards that speak via the carvings.

Studio of Drum Maker and CarverYou may find some artists are still perfecting their art in whatever medium they choose, but be assured that they are tenacious enough to never allow themselves to give up in their pursuits. No matter if it’s someone selling their first piece, or a master artist with decades of practice honing their skill, each and every one of them thank you for the chance to work at what they love, so that maybe they can supply you with a piece of their heritage for you to cherish forever. It is people such as you that want a piece of our culture that allows our artwork to flourish in this millennium, as it has for thousands of years.

*Artists - I need more pictures for this page, so feel free to email some pictures of your work, but be prepared to work with me for a release to be signed.

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