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Captain Tom Sewid I have operated boats for years bringing people out to experience our coastal world. Through the years I have taken thousands of people out to see whale, grizzly bears, sea lions, and ancient Indian village’s with totem pole remains. I have found that when I elaborate on the different boats to do this, most are amazed that there is so much diversity in how to travel across the waters in this modern day with other aboriginals throughout Canada. So if you want to take a boat tour, does it not make sense to do it with the true guides of a region by going with an operation that is owned by aboriginals, or a company that hires aboriginal captains or guides?

Native Water Taxi and Kayak Transport Due to the growth of tourism throughout Canada, and the ease of getting to places that were once considered very isolated. Many aboriginal people have become active as guides. Yes, there was a time where one would only journey deep into our worlds for exploration and hunting, but now a day’s, eco-tourism is what brings people to our worlds away from the concrete. By coming with us you shall hear and experience our ways and history that go back to the dawns of our creations - thousands of years ago.

Boat Tours is a page to share with you that yes we aboriginals are major stakeholders in modern style boats from small sport fishing boats right on up to large passenger boats carrying 195 passengers. Seeing as we are involved with the commercial passenger transport industry, we must adhere to all regulations in place by Transport Canada. This means that our vessels have all safety equipment, captain and crews are properly trained, while our vessels meet the requirements to ensure your transit is as safe as required by law.

Native War Canoe JourneyWe are also ready to share our worlds with you by kayak, sea kayak, canoe, war canoe, water taxi/tour, mother ship, jet boat, river raft, sport fishing, hover craft, Jet Ski, and whatever else floats. Aboriginal Adventures Canada not only supplies boat tours, it reaches out to fellow aboriginals across Canada to have them join this website, so that you as a visitor to our regions, or someone that brings adventures to our regions, can now have a one stop site that showcases what we offer in way of boat tours.

In every province, territory, saltwater regions of all three coasts, rivers, lakes, streams, and marsh areas, we are prepared to make your adventures all that more rewarding by sharing our ways of life with you. Whether it be a day tour of a few hours or a multi-day adventure into realms that few ever get to see, we are able to take you. Some of the operators are non-native, but that does not matter, for they work with us by bringing people to our worlds. Numerous others have aboriginals working as captains, guides, and crew.

Aboriginal Adventures Canada is committed to opening the doors to the First Nations world with all, so if you would like to choose a company that is aboriginal or works with our people, please take the time to check out the operator by clicking their banner on the right, and you shall be brought to their individual website. If you would like to know more about aboriginal operations, feel free to .

If your perceived notion is that one can only venture out on a standard type of multi-passenger boat to explore, please keep in mind that Canadian aboriginals in many regions have been using boats for many different applications. Take for example that numerous commercial fisherman have seen their fishing time cut down considerably in the last decade on the coast of British Columbia. Having large modern boats, and always surviving by diversifying with their boats, means that it’s worthwhile to expand their operations into the building tourism industry of their regions. So please do check out the banners and the mother ship page on this website.

So if it’s a day tour or a multi-day tour aboard a vessel, there is sure to be an aboriginal that is willing to take you aboard their vessel, so that you and your family can enjoy their traditional territories. Not only will it be safe, but in going with an aboriginal you shall get to hear, see, and experience their world. This may not seem like much, but due to the fact that many aboriginals are in the industry as a way to offset costs of boats operations over generating profit like the tour industry, you are assured that you shall be treated like a guest or another friend of the family. This is what makes wonderful lifelong memories.

Aboriginal captains and guides generally have a great understanding of their family’s legends and stories. This means that one is sure to hear what has been passed down through countless family generations, instead of what has been read from a book or upon a computer screen. Seeing as most aboriginals that operate in the tourism industry often live a life style where it’s survival to pass onto the younger generations, it means your guide is sure to interact with your children on a very informative positive level.

Then there’s the fact that aboriginals under Canadian law are allowed to harvest resources from their traditional territories for food, social, and ceremonial needs. This means that one is able to experience your guide demonstrating harvest techniques that other tour operators may not be allowed to conduct. This makes for all that much more of an interesting experience for you. Referred to as Food Fishing, one can journey with us aboard a boat and experience it firsthand.

One of the best things about coming with us by boat, is we are able to bring you places where most people never get to see. Yes, if you want to get off the beaten path, and be guided to places where you are going to see and experience what the locals only really see, then journeying with an aboriginal guide upon a boat makes perfect sense. Seeing as we live in our traditional territories all our life, instead of being seasonal transients for conducting tours, we know where those certain things are that are sure to make your adventure all that more memorable.


Vancouver Whale Watch tours depart from the historic fishing town of Steveston just south of Vanouver, where you will board first class, modern vessels all equipped with on board washrooms. Enjoy the comfort and stability of Vancouver Whale Watch’s open zodiac style boats as you travel on a 3 to 5 hour tour through the spectacular Gulf and San Juan Islands Hear commentary delivered by Professional Naturalists as you view the magnificent Orca in its natural habitat while on board hydrophones allow you to experience first-hand, the wild calls of the Orcas.

A simple click of their banner gets you directly to the websites of the companies I have recruited for your booking needs. This also includes the Mothership page, for they conduct multi-day excursions where one is sure to see whales, kayak to where your heart desires, or simply enjoy he beauful scenery from deck. I hope this page helps you decide where and who to take your boat tour adventure with?