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One of the things about the aboriginal history of Canada, is we were made to live on Indian Reserves back in the 1800s. Seeing as the Dominion of Canada wanted the prime lands for farming, forestry, and other industry’s during that era, we were often placed in environments that were not favorable for these operations, so we did not impede progress by the location of our settlements. Now that eco-tourism is such a huge interest for many, these Indian Reserves offer some of the greatest views to the natural world.

Many aboriginal Bands (Tribes) of Canada have turned parts of their Indian Reserves into campsites for people wanting to pitch a tent, or park a R.V. (recreational vehicle, caravan, motor home, etc.). Seeing as our lands are generally located at traditional food harvest sites, which are usually found close to water, we have some of the best campsites in Canada.

One of the added benefits to using our facilities, is Indian Reserves were often placed far from urban settlements, so now a days our campsites are usually located away from urban sprawl and the noise associated with the modern world. By being located in areas that were not favorable to industry of the old days, now one will find most aboriginal campsites situated in areas of great bio-diversity.

Seeing as our People’s campsites are part of their economic development to better their peoples lives, the campsites are in most cases comparable to what would be found anywhere else. There are usually full hook-ups, and many other amenities to make your stay more comfortable and enjoyable.

Aboriginal Adventures Canada is trying to separate First Nations owned campsites from the mass of campsites on most tourism websites and travel publications. By looking at this page on our website, one can choose a place that is operated by our people, on our lands.

Once again, the non-native campsites that are working with our people, employing our people, or sharing our way of life are more than welcome to be participants with www.AboriginalAdventuresCanada.com.

One of the most important aspects of staying at one of the campsites listed on this page, is one has the opportunity to interact with the aboriginal people from the region of your stay. It may be a full out traditional performance at a venue on or close to the campsite, or as simple as an aboriginal person sitting with you around your fire sharing their way of life or a story about their people.

Seeing as we aboriginals are the true Indian Guide, most campsites are able to share with you who are also conducting tourism ventures, such as fishing, tours, or the sale of traditional art. Best of all, the employees of these campsites can tell you other sites of interest that may not be written about in a travel journal. Seeing as you as a camper are an explorer, you are sure to want to speak with people that can make your venture into their traditional territories all that more rewarding.