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Tsa-Kwa-Luten Lodge on Quadra Island, B.C. Many years aboriginals (Indians, First Nations, Natives) have been getting more involved with the tourism industry of Canada. The days of our people just supplying tourism trinkets based on our unique culture and heritage are fast becoming a thing of the past. More and more of our people and Bands (Tribes) are entering the tourism industry as major stake holders. This is most evident on the amount of hotels and resorts that are operated by our people.

Tee-Pee Town This allows one to not only help with our financial prosperity, but with the operations that showcase their aboriginal culture and heritage, by using their facilities you are also helping to pass on their ways. The greatest spin-off for our people participating in the tourism industry with their culture and heritage is the old ways having to continually be passed on to the younger generations.

We thank you for using our facilities during your visit to our traditional territories throughout Canada from sea to sea to sea and south to our boundary with our U.S. cousins, but do keep in mind that some operations are only partnerships with hotel chains, and others are hotels that support our tourism ventures. Aboriginal Adventures Canada is helping to compile a one stop website that shall one day showcase all that support First Nations socio-economic and cultural development. As you will see from this page, that is the only guide line for facilities and companies to participate with this website.

Great Slave Lake, Yellowknife, NWT

Some operations may be a traditional styled tulle hut, pit-house, tee pee, long house, big house, hotel, B&B, motel, cabin, boat, or a tent out on the tundra, but do keep in mind, that we are eager to have you sit with us at our fires or within our homes so that we can share our cultural ways with you. We have been part of the forests, arctic, coasts, and mountains for thousands of years, and as it has been for thousands of years, we welcome all that want to come and experience our ways of life. So if you are seeking that unique aboriginal experience when visiting Canada, you have definitely found the right website.

Native Big House, Vancouver Island B.C.

As you can see, we have all forms of accommodation to meet your adventurer needs, or pamper you in comfort. You can experience a vast array of what Canada has to offer, while allowing us to share our homelands with you. No matter what you want, there is something for everyone’s particular taste, and level of comfort, offered during every season.

GolfAurora Village, Yellowknife NWT

Most of us have websites or other modern forms of communication, so speaking directly to us to plan your stay is not a problem. (The banners on the right link directly with all the operations that have chosen to come onto this site.) Even if our ventures take you out into the wilds to experience our ways, we all live in or close to urbanized centers with direct links to the outside world. If not, seeing we are in business, we do what we can to be connected to the Internet. We look forward to ensuring your stay in our traditional territories is all that it can be, so what are you waiting for - come and experience Canada as it should be, with the indigenous people of the land.